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Statement for CE certification of Mask

StatementWe solemnly declare that we only carry out product testing, without CE certification of masks, protection, hand sanitizer and other products, and without PPE authorization, please do not circulate the non-existent.We are very concerned about the



What if the UN38.3 certification is expired

What if the UN38.3 certification expires?The content of the goods transportation condition evaluation report is composed of UN38.3 test report and 1.2 meter drop package test report (for single battery). UN38.3 is section 38.3 of the test and standard man



ECHA proposes to restrict hydrogenated triphenyls

On June 20, 2022, the European Chemicals Administration (ECHA) proposed to add hydrogenated triphenyls (CAS No. 61788-32-7) to the list of restricted substances in Annex XVII of the EU REACH Regulation (EC) no 1907 / 2006 for restriction, and carried out